Commit 4d763cb5 authored by Inès Yeterian's avatar Inès Yeterian
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......@@ -10,20 +10,6 @@ var upload = require("../utils/fileSaver");
var Toucan = require("../models/modelToucan");
var router = express.Router();
/* const urltoucans = Toucan.aggregate([
{$addFields: {titlelc: {$split: [{$toLower:"$title"}, " "]}}},
{$addFields:{year:{$dateToString: {format: "%Y", date: "$date"}}}},
{input: "$titlelc",initialValue: "",
in: { $concat : ["$$value", "$$this"]}}} }},
]); */
* Une route qui renvoie un json avec tous les toucans, si limit est défini et vaut n, on renvoie les n derniers toucans
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