Commit 2da4b476 authored by Maxime Charpentier's avatar Maxime Charpentier


parent 25036718
......@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ def aperphot(fn, timekey=None, pos=[0,0], dap=[2,4,6], mask=None, verbose=False,
rectspline = interpolate.fitpack2.RectBivariateSpline(xx0, yy0, frame0, kx=1, ky=1, s=0)
frame = rectspline(x1, y1)
if userInputMask and \
((frame.shape<>mask_targ.shape) or (frame.shape<>mask_sky.shape)):
((frame.shape == mask_targ.shape) or (frame.shape == mask_sky.shape)):
print("User-entered mask did not have the correct size for the resampling")
print(" input used (resamp=%1.3f). Beware!" % resamp)
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